Petja Touru

is a …
Senior Software Developer

Shortly About Me

I'm a full-stack software developer from Helsinki, Finland, with 5+ years of professional software development experience and 15+ years as a hobby.

In my free time, I jump out of airplanes, fly in a wind tunnel, play video games, and work on my personal software projects.


I have worked with several clients. Here's few honorable mentions …

  • Nexi Digital Finland logo
    Nexi Digital Finland
  • Helsinki Regional Transport (HSL) logo
    Helsinki Regional Transport (HSL)
  • ÄrräTreeni logo
  • A-Insinöörit logo
  • Waltti Solutions logo
    Waltti Solutions
  • Fennica Gaming logo
    Fennica Gaming

Tech Stack

I pick technologies case-by-case basis, but here is several technologies I enjoy working with …

  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Tailwind
  • GraphQL
  • Next
  • Node
  • Drizzle ORM